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Do you brush and floss your teeth every day? Do you meet with our dentist twice a year? Do you help your children take the same steps? Do you know if there is anything else you should do for your oral health? If so, there are several treatments that could help, such as dental sealants.

As you’re probably heard, the outer layer of your pearly whites is called the tooth enamel. This hard layer protects your teeth from problems like cavities and decay. Sealants basically act like another protective layer. We usually recommend sealants for children, but adults can also be good candidates if their pearly whites are healthy enough. Fortunately, if your teeth aren’t quite as healthy as they should be, we could address any issues we see and help you attain a healthy smile. Once this is done, you could be a good candidate for sealants. Fortunately, if you care for your sealants well, they could last for ten or more years.

If you’re interested in learning more about dental sealants in Rego Park, New York, or would like to set up an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Jacob Avner, please don’t hesitate to call Great Smiles of NY at 718-275-7300 . We’ll be glad to inspect your smile and to give you personalized advice. We’re eager to meet with you soon!