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Optimum oral health commences with cavity prevention. Cavities arise when a hole is formed in a tooth, often due to the breakdown of tooth enamel due to harmful acids. One of the biggest culprits to tooth enamel breakdown comes from sugary foods and drinks. The bacteria within plaque buildup in your mouth can change sugars into harmful acids which can cause dental erosion to occur.

Most cavities tend to because by dental erosion. Dental erosion is the weakening and decay of your defensive tooth layer called the tooth enamel. Even though the tooth enamel is strong, it can be damaged by harmful acids found in foods and drinks. Furthermore, bacteria in plaque can convert substances like sugar into acids that will chew through your enamel. One of the best ways to stop enamel loss is to keep your mouth clean and clear with the help of daily brushing and flossing routines.

If brushing and flossing alone doesn’t seem sufficient, you should consider investing in supplementary dental cleansers such as water flossers, air flossers, mouthwash, even sugarless gum. There are numerous products that can help protect your teeth from the effects of dental erosion. If you brush after eating acidic foods, it is conceivable to damage your teeth with overly abrasive tools. You should also set up bi-annual professional cleanings with your dentist to receive a deep and thorough level of cleaning.

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